Our Top 10 Most
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Can I/we come to an event to hear/see you DJ?
    Unfortunately we do not permit our potential clients to attend the private events of existing clients. As you can imagine, if every vendor turned their events into a showcase, you could easily have 10-20 random people showing up to check out your flowers, DJ, caterer, etc. Also, in terms of music, you may not like the music the client has chosen for the event you are visiting, or you may attend at a time where there is naturally little dancing (cocktails or dinner) and think that the entertainment is dull or boring. It is recommended that you check out the reviews of our past clients and speak to our preferred vendors that refer us - they see the best and worst entertainers in town all year long, and are a great source for knowing the best vendors in the area. Their success relies on the success of your event, so they will only point you in the right direction. It’s easy for a DJ to make a website and sound wonderful, so we don’t only rely on our reviews, we also link to photographer blogs on our from past weddings so you know we are experienced (and real).

  2. Q: So why not have a promotional video?
    Again, to respect the privacy of our guests, we do not take video or photos at any of our events. Photos or video on this site feature our clients, but are already published online (with the couple’s consent) and have been provided by the copyright holder (photographer or videographer) and used with permission. Additionally, it is easy for any DJ or band to take video footage from a really great wedding and make a 1-2 minute convincing video… it is harder to do it consistently for more than 1,000 weddings with ZERO negative reviews.

  3. Q: Our venue referred you… Can we get a client referral too? Of course, we’re happy to connect you! With their permission, we will provide a phone number or email of up to three recent clients. We also love connecting couples that are getting married in the same room as our past clients (when possible), they get an extra perspective of our services and the vendor’s performance. Some have gone on to grab lunch or keep in touch even after their wedding day. Venue referrals are a huge honor, as you are investing thousands of dollars with them, and they in turn want to refer only the best vendors that they work with in the area, so we are honored to be on the “short lists” of several top wedding and event venues.

  4. Q: Should we give our DJ, or other vendors, a tip (gratuity)?
    Professional vendors, like any other service provider, are always appreciative of tokens of generosity from their clients. Most, including us, do not expect to be tipped - as our total client satisfaction is part of our commitment to you, our client. However, if you believe that we exceeded your expectations, helped you beyond what is typical for our role, or, if you want to show some “love” for additional discounts or savings we were able to obtain for you, we have never turned down a gratuity. Jason’s tips generally go to family fun activities (dinners, vacations, event tickets, etc.) with his wife and kids. About the only “expected tip” vendors would be limo/car drivers, stylists/make-up artists, and attendants at the airport or your honeymoon resort/destination. And while we never drink on the job, we do know that heading to the bar with a tip in hand often results in a stronger adult beverage.

  5. Q: I don’t know where to start with music!!! Can you help?!?
    Of course, that’s what we do! Some clients have very few “must play” requests, some have quite a few… When we initially meet, we’ll talk about your personal style for requests and as we get closer, we can help with suggestions for ceremony, cocktails, dinner, and dancing music. We will be 100% candid with our music advice based on prior experience at hundreds of successful events. You are always welcome to take our advice, or not - but we are always there to provide what we believe are the wedding “best practices”. Put your trust in your Bay Deejays DJ, and he’ll make sure your big day is a hit with family and friends!

  6. Q: Can you describe your entertainment/DJ/MC style?
    We like to say “fun but classy” and that we entertain without “cheese”. Your wedding will certainly be one of the top parties (hopefully, the top one) that you and your friends ever attend, but it will be done in a classy, non-cheesy, manner. At no point will we embarrass you or your family with tacky ramblings, poor comedy routines, foam chicken hats or similar props, inappropriate comments, dragging people onto the dance floor, big ego, or singing along with the music (some DJs actually do this). While we will certainly play them if you requested, we’d like to encourage your to skip (or limit) the typical overplayed line dances, in lieu of our energetic brand of beat-mixing and live song blends that will keep your dance floor packed all night long. We’ll make only necessary announcements and event introductions and will otherwise let our music programming do the “talking” for us.

  7. Q: Do you offer discounts or specials?
    We offer only one discount… as the grandson of two WWII combat veterans (one a Purple Heart recipient), owner Jason Walsh honors our active and former military brides and grooms with a $50 discount (up to $100 if both served/are serving). It’s a small token of appreciation for the many sacrifices military members, and their spouses, make in the protection of our country and our freedom. Just show valid military ID or proof of honorable discharge and we’ll gladly credit your account at the time of contract signing.

  8. Q: Why do you charge $xxxx, but “ABC DJ Service” charges $xxxx???
    DJ pricing is not like shopping for a TV, where you can choose the model you want, and then shop on price alone. DJs are individual artists, with their own “win/loss” record and their own experience level. Do you want a DJ that has 30 years experience playing at the same low-rent venue in town? Or do you want someone who has worked his/her way through the ranks of the industry - and now can be found regularly entertaining at the finest venues in region? Supply and demand is true in the DJ industry just as it is with any service… you truly do get what you pay for! The more demand for a particular DJ, the more they can charge - but they are generally more experienced at upscale events and have a great track record of success. Learn more about our pricing (including current rates and options) on our pricing page.

  9. Q: What are your contract terms?
    Of your contract total, 50% is due when you book your DJ and the balance is due 10 days prior to your wedding. Payments are accepted by check payable to Bay Deejays. A $30 returned check fee applies to returned checks and a $25 convenience fee is added to all credit card charges over $1000. In consideration of your DJ reserving your date for you and you alone, months (or years) in advance, your retainer/deposit is non-refundable in case of event cancellation. Should you cancel your event with fewer than 150 calendar days prior to your event, your entire contract is due in consideration of an expected loss of income for your DJ. If your entertainer is able to re-book your event date at the same/higher rate, your fee (minus a $300 administrative fee) will be refunded upon the client signing a formal cancellation notice.

  10. Q: Okay, I’m sold… how do I book Bay Deejays?
    Start by checking our availability for your event date and complete the form that appears if we are available. Next, we will confirm your estimated fee based on the provided information (so there are no surprises), coordinate an initial meeting, and most importantly, discuss your entertainment needs and like/dislikes. We’ll communicate by email initially and to respect your privacy, and will never sell or share your information. If you prefer to communicate by phone, please call us at 443-242-4229.

Don’t see the answer to your question above, please contact us for more information.