Why Choose Bay Deejays?

Your wedding day will be the single most important day of your life, therefore it goes without saying that you'll want everything to run as smooth as possible…

No hassle, no worries - just eat, drink, and be merry - that’s where Bay Deejays comes in!  We can't supply the food or drink, but we will definitely bring plenty of merriment to your dance floor.  And we'll do it without "cheese" or ego.  Without dragging people by the arm or calling them out in embarrassment.  And no, we won't turn your wedding into our next commercial - we respect the privacy of our clients and their guests.  You won't see us with cameras or video recorders like so many other vendors in the industry who will litter their websites and Facebook page with your most candid moments.  If we use a photo on our site, it was shared directly from the client - not taken by one of our DJs.

From the moment you contact us and meet with your Bay Deejays Wedding Specialist, you'll understand that you're not dealing with just any DJ company, you've come to the firm that is dedicated to providing perfect weddings receptions and ceremonies and nothing else...the entertainment firm where experience matters. 

So what exactly should you expect as one of our clients?  Well, first off, you can expect that you'll be part of an elite circle of couples that have decided that they aren't interested in "cookie cutter" wedding entertainment. 

Why so elite?  Mainly because we are a smaller DJ firm that is just fine with remaining a smaller DJ firm.  Because we are a small company, we only accept one event per day and a maximum of four per month. This is done to ensure we can provide 110% client satisfaction for each client.

In the case of an emergency (which luckily has not yet occurred), we are members of local and national DJ associations, so you will have a guaranteed professional "Plan B" waiting to relieve or assist your deejay.  And because we provide our clients with secure, industry-leading online wedding planner software, a backup DJ can easily access your music requests, special songs, and even the original contract from anywhere they have an Internet connection.

How else can Bay Deejays help you during your wedding reception?  Not only can our deejays make professional announcements, deliver flawless introductions, "read your crowd" on the dance floor to make the best song selections, and beat-mix music for a non-stop soundtrack to your event, but we can also think outside the box and anticipate your needs and the actions and expectations of your other wedding vendors.  We work as a team with your photographer, caterer, videographer, minister, and other hired staff to ensure everyone is on the same "page" before commencing with any major event, dance, introduction, etc.  In most cases, we've probably worked at your venue and with your other vendors, but if not - we'll take the extra step of contacting your other vendors and introducing ourselves and even completing a pre-wedding site-visit for locations or venues that we have not been to before.

Event management is a skill that is not easily trained to a "rookie" within a six or twelve-month timeframe.  You need to have the experience of hundreds of weddings, of dozens of different cultural events at those weddings, and of the distinct talent and nuances of the other vendors in the Baltimore / Washington Area to be able to claim that you can manage the flow of an event in addition to the responsibilities the disc jockey already holds.

What good is your world-class photographer if your deejay decides to play the Father/Daughter Dance while he or she is taking sunset shots with some of your cousins?  Our entertainers (tactfully) assist you by keeping key activities to your pre-set timeline while providing you with the flexibility needed to relax and enjoy the most joyous occasion of your life. 

We also provide many of the services of a wedding coordinator at no extra charge to you.  Looking for a photographer that shoots in a photo-journalistic style?  We know someone.  Need a recommendation for the best cake bakery?  We can help with that as well.  We don't do this instead of providing great entertainment - we do it for your benefit in addition to our role as your professional disc jockey and emcee.  And we do it without receiving kick-backs or commissions for the recommendations.

Ready to check our availability for your big day? Click here and see if we can come party with you!

Banner Photo Credit: Maddie Kaye Photography