Legal/Privacy Information and Site Terms of Use

  1. Site purpose: The content on this website is intended for current and potential Bay Deejays wedding clients and affiliated partners.

  2. IP Information:

    1. Content: All content is the intellectual property (IP) of Bay Deejays and no permission is given to copy, print, reuse, or publish any content, pricing, logos, photos, or videos. All rights are reserved and improper use will be civilly litigated or criminally prosecuted.

    2. Photos: All photos are property of the copyright holder (generally, the photographers providing the photos retain all copyrights), and are used by permission of the copyright holders from actual Bay Deejays events, if you wish to have a photo removed for any reason, or if you would like to obtain permission to print or publish any article or IP owned by Bay Deejays, please contact us at least 15 business days prior to anticipated need or requested removal.

    3. Logos/Designs: Business logos and designs are either intellectual property of Bay Deejays or trademarked IP of the noted company and used with specific permission or by a general re-use license.

  3. Personal Privacy, Data Privacy, and Storage of Financial or Personally Identifiable Information (PII):

    1. General Privacy Policy: Bay Deejays retains clients’ personal data in the form of their name(s), address(es), phone number(s), and names of family members and friends that have been identified by the client in our online planning portal. Bay Deejays may share client names, event dates, and contact information with our partners/associates, entertainers, and emergency contacts for purposes of providing emergency backup coverage or internal marketing (follow-up reviews, ongoing newsletters, and other client communications). If a client is added to any newsletter or recurring marketing materials, an option to opt-out of future mailings will be provided at the bottom of the email, as required by the CAN-SPAM Act. Bay Deejays will never sell or transfer your data (with the exception of legal business sale or transfer to heirs), but may use anonymous, compiled, client data (i.e. most requested first dance song of the year) for research and publication purposes.

    2. Financial Information and PII: Bay Deejays does not retain any financial information (credit card numbers or bank notes), all credit/debit card transactions are handled by a third-party card processor (currently PayPal) and protected by the processor’s security standards subject to federal, state, and local regulations. Beyond event dates, client names, addresses, and contact information, Bay Deejays does not collect any PII (social security numbers, dates of birth, etc) information. Client bank notes provided in-person or by mail will be protected against loss or theft by prudent measures (stored only in a locked mailbox, vehicle, or business/home protected by alarm). Bay Deejays cannot be held responsible for client check or credit card fraud unless it is determined that a company employee, in fact, used malicious intent/actions to defraud the client, and in such cases, the liability would be limited only to the amount of funds not returned to the client by their financial institution; no legal fees, punitive damages or court costs would be provided unless required by financial regulations.

    3. Passwords: A generic password is provided to all clients that are given access to our event planning portal, if the client chooses to select a new password for their planner, they do so at their own risk and understanding that the portal is operated by a third party that may be able to see the selected password. It is recommended that the password used be different from any other password used by the client on other websites, especially financial or employer sites or systems.

    4. Data Security and Liability: Bay Deejays provides no warranty (expressed or implied) for data leakage, theft, or accidental (non-malicious) publication of client-provided information. Client assumes the risk of providing this information to Bay Deejays, but in many cases, failure to provide information will result in the inability for Bay Deejays to conduct a successful event (i.e. announcements of the bridal party members). Bay Deejays assumes no liability for the unauthorized use of provided passwords or the data held in the client’s planning software.