How Much Does A Wedding DJ Cost?

Baltimore Metro / Annapolis / Stevensville / Easton

Wedding DJ Investment (Prices) Below… Please Keep Reading!

Just as the price of a dozen different television sets or cars on a showroom floor can vary wildly, the price of hiring a Maryland DJ can also seem to be all over the place. That said, your wedding entertainer is not a product that is easily replicated like a car or TV. Your wedding entertainer maintains individual skills, talents, and abilities that are combined to create your unique event plan, and then a unique performance. You can’t choose a DJ on price alone… price is only one important factor to consider!

The easiest way to explain DJ pricing, is to look at other industries that have specialties… In the medical profession, there are tens of thousands of doctors, but maybe only a handful of highly skilled surgeons per major city. You wouldn’t trust a risky surgery to just any surgeon, you would do your homework and select the most qualified, not necessarily the lowest priced provider.

This example (while a bit strange), is exactly the process you should use when selecting your wedding DJ. You don’t get to experience a true “trial reception” like you can a food/cake tasting (we can certainly make some sample announcements when we meet if you are interested). And (ideally) you’ll only get to hire a wedding DJ once - so your reference point for referrals will most likely include other satisfied couples, venue coordinators (because they see hundreds of DJs a year), and possibly the positive experiences of friends and family… if they had similar quality vendors as you - if not, their input may be moot or even a little unhelpful because it may guide you to a vendor that has a decent price tag, but ultimately, not the same style or level of professionalism that you desire.

At Bay Deejays, we specialize only in wedding entertainment, why? Because we love the crowd-reading, beat-mixing, announcement-making, music programming, and technical aspects of being a DJ, but we also love the project management, time maximizing, proactive thinking, and industry networking of event coordination. Most of all, we love celebrating with clients on the single biggest day of their lives. A great wedding DJ is actually wearing two or three different hats at any given time, and always making it look easy, allowing their couple to actually RELAX and enjoy themselves after months of waiting and planning for this special moment.

Are you looking for a trusted entertainment partner? Someone that will help you with all aspects of your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception - while always proving honest and candid advice based on our hundred of successful past events? If so, we are entertainment firm for you! Take a moment to review our pricing packages and reviews below, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, or check our DJ availability to see if we are available for your wedding date. We look forward to working with you!

Bay Deejays 2019-2020 Pricing, Fees and Packages (PDF)
for events up to June 30, 2020


Bay Deejays 2020-2022 Pricing, Fees and Packages (PDF)
for events after July 1, 2020


Additional Pricing Terms

  • Prices are for payment by check (payable to Bay Deejays), a 50% non-refundable retainer is required upon contract signing, balance due 10 days prior to event.

  • Due to the nature of our upscale event booking cycle, (on average 10-12 months in advance) your fee is 100% non-refundable if event is cancelled fewer than 150 days prior to your event, unless we are able to re-book an event at the same, or higher, rate during the same calendar week, within 50 miles of the original location. In such cases, a $100/hr fee would be deducted from all funds paid to Bay Deejays to cover documented meetings, preparation, client communication, and materials up to the deposit amount.

  • A $2 per mile (round trip) travel fee applies to events more than 55 miles from 21236 (waived for our preferred venues).

  • Since it is our policy to be completely setup and ready to perform before your guests arrive, your contract time will begin with the anticipated arrival of guests and will end at the conclusion of the event (regardless if additional entertainers are used for cocktails, ceremony, dinner music, etc.)

  • Events held at certain locations (namely city hotels and venues without direct parking/load-in access) may incur a nominal additional setup or security charge if additional staff is required to safely, legally, and efficiently load/unload.