Inspiration & Wedding Photos

Unlike some entertainers, we don’t turn your wedding into our marketing campaign. To respect your privacy (especially for our many military and government clients), we never take candid photos of you and your guests on your big day (some clients have asked to pose with us for their album). Instead, to show other potential clients how much fun they will have, we’ve decided to link to professional photos taken by… professionals. Photographers that have been contracted by our client to capture the fun of their event, and have shared these moments (with permission) on their blogs. Below are just a few of these great photographer blogs, with even more on our Awards & Press page.

Lauren and Tim - Chesapeake Bay Beach Club (Tavern Ballroom)

Stacy and Mike - Chesapeake Bay Beach Club (Tavern Ballroom)

Lauren and Chris - Elkridge Furnace Inn

Cara and Dan - Tabrizi’s

Kayla and Nathan - District Winery

Anna and Sean - Talbot Country Club

Danielle and Eric - Private Eastern Shore Residence

Diana and Dave - Chesapeake Bay Beach Club (Beach House)

Carrie and Mike - Chesapeake Bay Beach Club (Tavern Ballroom)

See more awesome past client blogs on our Awards & Press page