Our Entertainment Style

Hold the cheese….. we’re packing the dance floor with classy fun for all ages.

Some entertainers believe that games, costume changes, mindless overuse of the microphone (including singing along to songs during dancing), and every line dance that has ever been recorded, should make up your big day. If that sounds like your style - we’d be happy to introduce you to a DJ or two that matches that description.

While a few participation songs may be on your request list (the Isley Brothers’ “Shout!” is one of our favorites at a wedding), we believe that “extra cheese” should only be used as a pizza topping, not a DJ style. The Locomotion, the Macarena, the Chicken Dance, and the Hokie Pokie (unless you are a Virginia Tech couple), are typically not on our playlist - you’ll have to request those if they are family favorites.

So how do we keep a dance floor packed all night? We blend your requests and some proven favorites… matching the beats of one song into the next, varying genres (of your choice) and “reading the crowd” (paying close attention to the guests’ physical and verbal reaction to songs as they are being mixed in and after the song transition). If a requested song isn’t working - we won’t waste 4-5 minutes of your wedding to people escaping the dance floor - we’ll quickly and seamlessly mix out of that song and into another one to keep the party going. We’ll build up the tempo and once it’s maxed out, we’ll slow it down a couple times each hour, allowing those that prefer slow dances to get some time together and allow others to grab a drink and get ready for the next awesome dance set.

This style has worked for over 1,000 weddings, to the tune of an unheard of 100% satisfaction rate! As a couple, your job is to have fun…our job is to keep your party flowing and the dance floor packed. Maybe one of the top five investments you’ll ever make (the overall cost of your reception) is literally in the hands of your DJ, so don’t settle for just anyone to make your party a success. Don’t believe us? Let’s say your overall reception investment - for all of your food, drinks, vendors, and preparation is $42,000 or $7,000 an hour for 6 hours. After your ceremony, cocktails, and dinner are finished, HALF of your wedding is placed in the hands of your DJ. This is the Super Bowl of events for professional entertainers - if your guests don’t enjoy themselves (and worse, if they leave), you’re wasting $20,000+ of your investment.

Lock in your wedding date now, and get ready to have the wedding reception that everyone will talk about for years to come!